4 big product updates and a bunch of smaller ones

We have recently released quite a few product updates that our customers love. Here is a quick update on what is new at Probe and the rationale behind.

Ability to see details of each calculation

Up to that point Probe would show you just the results of calculation. We would connect your data, calculate your metric and show your MRR equals $5,000 as an example.

It is difficult to trust this number if you have no ability to see what is behind it. And it is even more painful if you are trying to figure out why the MRR number which is given to you is not matching your expectations or other source.

Therefore, we have built an ability to see details of calculations. You can see how it works on a quick demo below.


Detailed view of customer

Very often billing data can get messy. Whether it is due to refunds, same customer paying from two different accounts, or company using a couple of billing systems. Honestly we have seen quite a few of these. So when you try to understand how a specific customer contributed to your MRR it can be a challenge.

In Probe you can now access a detailed view for each of your customers. See all the subscriptions this customer has and how they are recognized over the months to come.



Your customer base is diverse. Different groups of customers behave differently. It is crucial to segment your metrics if you want to understand the real picture of what is going on. While one customer's segment may grow – another may stay stable and without segmentation you will not be noticing these difference. It will lead to wrong business decisions and focus on a wrong type of customers.

At Probe, you can set up any segmentation attribute and segment all the metrics by these attributes.


Access all of your customers and subscriptions

We spoke to many customers who are using spreadsheets to collect all the customers and subscriptions in one place. And for them, this feeling of control, ability to see the full list of customers or subscriptions in one place is very important. I don’t want to go into describing all drawbacks of using spreadsheets. But from now on you can access a full list of customers and subscriptions in Probe. Sorting and searching is included.


These changes give you greater control over your data. Numbers and calculations are not a black box anymore – you can always see what is inside. With this – you start to build trust and confidence in data. This is very important when you are communicating your numbers to your team or investors, and your personal credibility is on the line.

You can register for a free trial or schedule a demo with us. There is a number of smaller updates – starting from the ability to segment any metric in Probe – to manually adding new data and introducing a correction. Hope you like it and let me know your feedback.

by Alex, co-founder of Probe Illustration by Icons 8 from Icons8