Probe adds new integrations with ChargeBee, Intercom, and HubSpot

We have recently released four new integrations that work with Probe. Let me take you through each of them and show you how they work.


Not all of you use Stripe. We get it. From now on Probe works with ChargeBee as well! Currently, in private beta, you can use ChargeBee as a source of subscriptions data for Probe, the same way you would do with Stripe.

Once you are connected you will be able to see the same set of metrics and segment them in any way you want. Integrations connecting external data like HubSpot will also work, allowing you to segment by data from external sources.

Reach out to us at if you would like to see this integration in action.

Intercom and HubSpot

Oftentimes you want to see details of your customer when interacting with them. For example, knowing your customer’s MRR may help you prioritize their support request. We built these two integrations – Intercom and HubSpot – specifically for this use case. We enrich their interface to show you: Lifetime Value, Current MRR, and Subscription End Date. These numbers are shown when you are viewing your customer card in the products.

Additionally, for Intercom, we show a nice, small sparkline graph of the customer's MRR to show you how it changed month after month.

For more details on HubSpot integration check out HubSpot App Marketplace.

The Intercom integration is available at Intercom App Store

Google Sheets

Last but not least, Google Sheets integration. This is for all of you who track your numbers in Google Sheets.

Have your data in a format that we understand: we need columns with these headers: customerid, mrr, started (and optionally ended). Then add each of your customers’ subscriptions in a separate row. Select the prepared data and chose “Probe –> Calculate Metrics” from the menu.

We will show you month-by-month metrics for this data: New MRR, Expansion, Contraction, Churn, MRR, Lifetime Value & Average Revenue Per User. You will see this data in tabular form as well as on Sheets-driven embedded charts.

If you run a small company, with just a handful of customers, but still want to have the metrics calculated, go and use it, it’s free! The integration is available in Google Workspace Marketplace.

I hope you find these integrations useful, happy measuring!

— Mike CTO @ Probe